RE: Nina

February 23, 2012

Can I just tell you that every time I have a really depressing blog entry that I post, something good comes along that relates impeccably to my situation and alleviates a lot of my grumpiness?

I feel like crap 90 % of the time these days, but: I’ve got my head, got my hair, I’ve got my brains, got my ears, I’ve got my eyes, got my nose, got my smile.

All hail, Queen Nina, saver of lives.



October 23, 2011

Yesterday I was holed up in the basement theorizing why someone thought it was a good idea to find chord structures that align with each sign in the zodiac. Geminis are supposedly G major and minor. In the margins of my book, they had listed a few classical pieces that predominantly featured each sign’s assigned chords, which is how I came across Martha Argerich. Argerich is one of the most amazing concert pianists I’ve ever heard. (Not that I can remember many by name, only Jean Yves Thibaudet and Aldo Ciccolini; because they recorded Satie and Debussy, respectively.) Martha is a fascinating human being, and completely transfixing to watch. I have never seen someone feel piano like she does.

Yesterday evening, I was watching her play the end of Prokofiev’s third piano concerto and bawling like an infant. It was gorgeous. It’s quite rare that I’m moved to tears by a work of art, which got me thinking: what other things (consumable via teh ewe-tubez) have made me lose it? Here are a few that I remember…

Sylvie Guillem dancing part of Wet Woman, choreographed by Mats Ek.

Ella Fitzgerald, Caterina Valente, and Perry Como singing Avalon. 

Traveling through Tokyo on the metro at sunrise. (Music by Yoshinori Sunahara).

…and lastly, Martha Argerich playing Prokofiev.