December 11, 2013

Yesterday I had a really delightful dream. It wasn’t delightful for any particular reason, it was just really nice and peaceful. I’m struggling with how to write it down so I can recall it later. It’s been difficult, because writing down its events feels aseptic. As if you were reading a to-do list instead of re-imagining a lush landscape.

To be clear, I’m not trying to parcel through this so everyone else can feel the same peace I did, I just want to be able to bring myself back to it at some point.

To my big empty house, to the rooms I had forgotten, the large closet I figured I could use as a spare bedroom for Amanda, the ballroom, the gymnasium, the school outside, and the sunshine. 

She has her arm sideways, and I can’t find which chapter it’s located in.

This was the best part of my dream, and I don’t feel like explaining it beyond the fact that I was watching this action transpire as opposed to being involved with it.

data copy

It was filled with fresh breath.

At this point in the morning, my grandmother phoned me to say they were through with breakfast and on their way to my house.

I was sad to see this pleasantness drift away and out through my ears. *sigh*


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