September 28, 2013

Today I started decorating my new journal.

I think it’s #25, but I’m not sure yet. (Holy cripes. I have more journals than I do years of my goddamn LIFE.)

It kind of let me take a break from daydreaming about the Susan Sarandon pipedreampainting, (well, that helped; and I got to email a bunch of pictures to my friend Bridget because she said she had writer’s block which was another good mental deflection) everything has been so dreamy the last few days. I feel absurdly lucky!

Twenty points to the person who can name every person on this page~~ (Excluding the illustration next to Mrs. White, or the umbrellas.)

I’m bummed this one came out so pixellated. I’m also bummed Shelley Duvall’s half of the picture from “3 Women” wouldn’t fit. I also feel like I should have had a picture of Ellen Greene as Audrey instead of Susan as Janet, because I like LSoH better than RHPS. (Is that sacrilege?)

I’m going to write a long big girl blog about the process of starting journals next week. I’m still not done with my current one, (nicknamed “Derple”) so I won’t be ready to start-start this journal for a week or so probably. (I have about 20 pages left.)

This is what I’m using, but I customized it a little.

I’m still obsessed with Cagney and Lacey, but I figured I could just collage a bunch of pictures of them on the inside of this new one instead.

The text says “Vigilante Justice” with a bunch of pre-teen hearts, because I can’t really be bothered to take myself seriously.

I’ve been needing one that’s unlined for awhile. The last few pages of Derple have been complete and total anarchy. Cliff, the journal before Derple was completely unlined, which was nice; but chaotic. The Barry Gibb Journal, which was before Cliff, had dots. (Leuchtturm makes GREAT notebooks. I would totally recommend them to everyone!!!) I thought about getting another dotted one this time, but my housemate had a quad-ruled composition book he didn’t want, so I decided to steal that instead. WHICH: meant I spent all the money I would have on a new book, on color prints and Stabilo 88s.)


I am mucho pumped!

(UGH, I thought this lined journal was going to be a much needed break from the “blank page”, but I was so SO WRONG. I’m excited to be able to keep all of my thoughts together in one place again!)



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