Day(s) 04, 05, and 06.

July 30, 2013

What I ate today, in great detail: 

Funny today is the day I choose to write about it, because I ended up skipping my favorite meal of the day which is breakfast! I rarely skip breakfast. I suppose I did eat an ice cream sandwich, so… never mind. When I’m nannying, I just have a bit to eat for breakfast and lunch, (which today was two leftover sausages and some flatbread); and then I’ll head home for dinner. The woman I’m working for had a pretty late day today, so her housemate made myself, and her son a really lovely dinner. We had a bit of steak, potatoes, and corn on the cob. IT WAS AWESOME. I also nursed the same cup of coffee all day, because I kind of became unmotivated to drink it; and thus spent the day drifting in and out of naps. Whoops!

My definition of love, in great detail: 

I remember what I put for this question when I answered it three years ago, and I’m tempted to keep the same answer; but I’m not quite sure yet. Love is such a complex, fickle element of life, I feel like it would be arrogant to even try and put it into words. It’s a noun, a verb, with a few letters an adjective or an adverb; I’m not even sure what love is. I know I’ve felt it, I know the people and art I love make me feel insufferably positive; but I don’t think that’s what love is. Heaven forbid someone I love makes me feel bad for a hot second, should I drop them on the pavement? I love doing certain things, even when they make me want to stab my eyes out. (Like writing.) I love certain music, even when I’m feeling totally awful. (Hello, SKETCHES OF BROADWAY AND NIGHT RIDE HOME? YES PLEASE.) I don’t want to, by any means opt out of answering this question, so I’ll say that I don’t want to minimize its complexity, or what it means to others by defining what it means to me.

With that said, my answer from 2010 was this: Love is, finding someone you want to make happy for the rest of your life.

I agree with this statement, but I was still really hung up on finding a boyf at the time, that I wasn’t even taking anything else into consideration.

You know what?

Love is a hot cup of coffee on a rainy day with an open book and a Miles Davis album. Truth.

My day, in great detail: 

Unfortunately my day was quote boring, which isn’t usually the case. Nothing today happened that was particularly noteworthy, so I’m going to paste a text post I made on my tumblr the other day of the WORST day I’ve had in recent memory. I also really wanted to write in my journal today, and didn’t end up getting around to it, so there’s that….


Today so far:
. Had to drive all the way across town with the boy I nanny to get my new insurance card. 
. My sister forgot to leave the key out so we had to break into his house. 
. The kid I nanny for gets carsick (surprise!) and I rear ended someone while trying to prevent him from throwing up in my hair. 
. Went to the pharmacy only to find out I owed triple what I normally do because of my new insurance.
. But I couldn’t pay for it because my boss’ check bounced! 
. Then my brother had to drive to the pharmacy and give me money. 
. Which made me late to meet my friend for dinner. 
. Then, about five blocks from her house I crashed my moped full speed into the car in front of me! 
. Say a prayer, the only thing that’s yet to happen to me today is dying!



2 Responses to “Day(s) 04, 05, and 06.”

  1. jasonmeanz said

    Your last definition of love is perfect. That is all I want. Ahhh my soul warms up at the thought of it.

    • Mac said

      I love empty fall sundays where it’s not too cold yet, but still kind of breezy and wispy. Coffee in the late afternoon while the sun’s still out is total perfection to me! (Plus Kind of Blue. Always.)

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