April 13, 2013

I was just thinking about something. One day, one of my housemates and I were talking about our favorite singers. I was explaining to her that Janis Siegel has my heart always.

“All those people,” my housemate said, “and you pick her? Why?”

I was confused. Why? WHY? ONCE I SAW HER PLAY A TRUMPET SOLO WITH HER FIST! Or how about she’s Jon Hendricks personal mentee and sang with Ella Fitzgerald, and how Blossom Dearie always spoke very highly of her? 

“Why not someone like Kate Bush?” She said.

I like Kate Bush, but I LOVE Janis. (Ok, I love Kate Bush too.)

Let’s be real: no one knows who Janis Siegel is. This fact to me is a shame because she’s made every top twenty “best vocal jazz artists” post I’ve ever seen; and, she may not be as well known as Ms. Bush, but she’s been nominated for almost twenty grammies, which says something, right?

This exchange got me thinking: we defend our favorites to the death. Whether or not they light up the joy center of our peers (hahaha…none of my peers give two shits about Janis) we try and manipulate their joy centers to try and “get it.” Right now I’m listening to all my Janis albums and working on an art project for tomorrow. Earlier, I was listening to Kate Bush.

It’s weird to me to think that someone would wonder why I woud like something so bizarre as opposed to you know, someone who has a lot of technical merit and is a really brilliant singer; but who just isn’t my favorite singer.

I don’t know what this post is even about. You can all go home now.




April 9, 2013

I’m writing this on the girl I nanny for’s computer, drinking Earl Grey out of her mother’s “MORE MEDICATION PLEASE” mug, and thinking about why I can’t get to sleep at night. (Let’s forget about the fact that I’m drinking a heavily caffeinated beverage at 9pm. Derp derp…)

The other day Sony Romantic Electrowave came up on my shuffle. It’s one of my favorite winter and spring songs because it reminds me of the beach, and makes me feel really warm inside my bones when it’s freezing outside. (I wrote a blog post about it almost a year ago, actually.) Anyway, the lyrics are a little jumbled, but it’s gorgeous.

As I was drifting off to sleep, I thought about who I’d want to sing this song to me. No need to clear the static….. The lanky so&so who keeps her hair long because that’s how I like it; sometimes she wears her boxers to sleep at night when her underpants bunch up otherwise and leave her lady business on public display. I’ve drawn up her wardrobe. She likes to sing Joni Mitchell, but doesn’t sing LIKE Joni Mitchell. Sometimes she breathes right in my face and it doesn’t even smell. Strawberry blonde tresses that take forever to dry after showering, she combs them out meticulously before deciding whether or not she wants to blow-dry. Sometimes she brings me coffee in bed, sometimes I bring her coffee in bed, sometimes we turn on jazz radio in the afternoons when we have nothing to do; and the spring breeze keeps us company while we read. She clacks her gum and it’s cute, my fingers rap away at the keyboard pretending I have something to say. (She looks at me and it’s like our little secret.) We’re like Miles and Trane because can you imagine Kind of Blue without either of those fuckers? Probably not.

…I will be there.


April 2, 2013

This weekend, I spent a lot of time (and skrilla) with the head babes of The Blogcademy. It was super tres amazingly fun, and now I am super tres amazingly broke. I didn’t get out of it what I thought I would exactly, but what I learned was really invaluable. I’m working on doing something like this, only my DEEELUX APARTMENT IN THE SKYYYYYYY is more like a custom URL hosting wordpress.org instead. Basically, I was inspired, after day 1, to get my scheiße together and finally start my big girl blog. It’s still in it’s very very baby stages; and frankly, I was a bit worried about starting yet another blog– but hopefully that’ll mean I can trash this monster, as well as a few of my other blogs and just have one blog. Remember my scholarship video? DO YOU?

Screen shot 2013-02-09 at 2.56.56 AM

In any case, this weekend we learned about brand consistency, and having a personal thesis statement that summed up the entirety of your online self. I’m down with that! Maybe my spring cleaning this year needs to be devoted to getting myself sorted out on interbuttz? I’m going to take that as a yes. (Says my seven tumblrs, wordpress, livejournal, youtube, other tumblr account devoted to roleplaying, twitter, instagram and 8tracks…) Uh….

So, I bring to you, from the grubby couch at Southeast Grind (Portland’s only, to my knowledge, 24 hour coffee establishment):

The ideal reader for my dream blog~*~*~

Everyone spoke about thinking in terms of positive hyperbole. Since I don’t really have a dream blog yet (more of a less personal version of my actual journal, which I can assure you is super boring) I’m trying to work on being more engaging and less “ENOUGH ABOUT ME, LET’S TALK ABOUT ME.” I brainstormed a lot of regular feature ideas which will be fun; and I’m hoping I can do a nice transfer of the wonderful community of tumblrites I’ve developed over to something a bit more professional.


What I loved about the “ideal reader” exercise we did was that everyone kind of came up with a more put-together version of themselves. Essentially what I got from it was that: “They could be just like you except better dressed.” (This was a quote said by no one, but whatever.)

If I were to make a big-girl blog, who’d be my target audience?

  • People I would like to hang out with in real life. 

This one feels a little self explanatory, but it’s always nice to find like minded people on the internet. I’d love to have readers who I felt wouldn’t run out of things to talk about over a cup of coffee.

  • People who didn’t do well with traditional schooling.

Kindred spirits who love to learn things, but hate to do so with the post scripts of a million homework assignments and constant scrutiny if they didn’t “measure up”. I think that’s bullshit. I’d like to interact with people who love learning new things on their own, and decide how they want to approach each thing in their own way.

  • People who are interested in different forms of consumable media, and are passionate about what they like. 

I would go deeper into that, and say that our consumable media passions line up at least somewhat. I’m talking lady comediennes, lady jazz singers, snarky TV shows, and some…guilty pleasures too. (I’m looking at you Dance Moms…) 

  • People who wouldn’t find it weird that I did indeed find a coffee pot that I’d been looking for for months in my costume bag.  

Basically, people who embrace their quirks and don’t mind that I’m a huge rando, BECAUSE EVERYONE’S A HUGE RANDO! (applause.gif)

My dream blog would be comprised of the following elements:

  • Everything I have to say on this blog, but WAY more concise. 

I don’t like formulating and reformulating my thoughts. I need to really get on my own nuts about editing the crap out of everything I post– even though it’s good to just throw it to the wind sometimes.

  • More of a streamlined personal thesis. 

As opposed to, THIS IS WHAT I’M FEELING RIGHT NOW, GO ME, YAY! I’ve got a lot of features that I’m brainstorming, but we’ll see how long it takes before I go totally braindead, and you know like– sleep for once.

  • I still don’t want to shirk the voice that comes through in a lot of the content I post, both here and elsewhere. 

Because I like that about myself! (crickets)(groans)(etc) It’s too hard for me to front. A lot of times I’ll forget what I’ve lied about anyway, so it’s not really a good idea for me to be un-candid, or not truthful about things.

  • Reach out my hand a bit more. 

I care a lot about what’s on people’s minds with regards to things I have to say. Not necessarily with regards to their opinions of me personally– but, say if I were posting about something that happened in a TV show recently, I’d love to have meaningful discussions with people about it; rather than just talk about my feelings and leave it at that.

The headmistresses were really good with talking about how to accomplish cleaning your digital life up; and productive ways in which to do so.

Spring cleaning ahoy!

I’ll be sure to post my new URL once I’m done fussing with the theme. (Ugh, bane of my existence, plz.)

Until then, enjoy this week’s Mix Monday 🙂

(click the picture to get to my 8tracks)