February 16, 2013

Here’s a fun, semi-detailed list of how you could spend your first official all nighter of 2013:

  1. Start by cleaning your room the fuck up. 
  2. Then reward yourself by watching Maternal Instincts on youtube, and having Melona popsicles for a late dinner. melona4
  3. After that, and while the movie is still playing, start working on drawing skulls.
  4. Wonder why Beth Broderick has such a circular face. (This is optional).
  5. Finish the movie with a standing “O” and a realization that you can’t really paint on sketch paper with watercolors.
  6. Try to hook up your broken external hard drive to see if you can find the *one* picture you’ve been looking for for the past hundred years.
  7. Neglect to find said picture, but instead remember that you saved the entire first season of Dynasty (before they switched Fallons).
  8. Scream.
  9. Remember it’s 2am, and that’s probably not a good idea.
  10. Continue looking for the picture,
  11. continue drawing blanks.
  12. Get an email from the lovely Kat Williams telling you that while you haven’t exactly *won* the blogcademy scholarship, they loved your entry and are saving a seat for you.
  13. Try and go to sleep.
  14. Freak out.
  15. Email Kat back, trying expertly hard to form complete sentences.
  16. Try and go to sleep.
  17. Get a million ideas of how to make enough money for a ticket.
  18. Email best friend/facebook spouse with excitement.
  19. Try and go to sleep.
  20. Get another idea, flip on light, write idea in journal.
  21. Try and go to sleep, yet again.
  22. Think of last idea that necessitates you writing your facebook spouse another email *immediately*.
  23. Get debilitating hiccups.
  24. Try and sleep again.
  25. See sun coming up, fuck it. 

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