Simply divine.

January 21, 2013

I love reading Laurel Massé‘s blog. I’m not hugely religious, (more spiritual, I suppose) but the way she writes about God, and what Christianity means to her is purely astounding. Her latest entry got me thinking– she talks about having a really beautiful experience with some music she’d sang.

But it touches something very profound in me, deep in the bright dark place from which I say, “Lord, I believe!”

I’m a big music-as-spiritual-experiences person. After reading an article on NPR today, I feel much more confident in my assertions on the subject. When I was younger, I had something akin to what bookworms describe when they talk about visiting other worlds to escape the one they are/were in. I recall getting lost in melodies pleasantly, daydreaming about this-and-that; often lost in a meditative brain silence that was much appreciated. Last week, place was the theme to my Mix Monday on 8Tracks. I like those moments, the ones that bring you somewhere that’s all too tangible. Whether His Majesty King Ra’am is going to reverse the age of two elderly daydream lovers, Il Cerchio Rosso is going to bring the 50’s family together for a jazz dance, or Morse again is going to make the sun come out around your heart. My heart fills with joy just thinking about it!

Here’s the tracklist for last week’s Mix Monday. It’s a chronology of memories spanning from late high school to last winter~*~*~

  • Remember Me – Elak
  • Police Dogs Bonfire – Lazyboy
  • Sorry-Grateful – Janis Siegel
  • Dream Machine – Mark Farina ft. Sean Hayes
  • Exercise 4 – bent
  • Don’t Stop – Brazilian Girls
  • Morse – Nightmares on Wax
  • It Will Turn Out All Right – De-phazz
  • Different Nu Nu – Towa Tei
  • Casanova – Caterina Valente
  • Secretary Song – The Go! Team
  • After Hanabi (Listen To My Beat) – Nujabes
  • Never Never Never (Groove Armada Mix) – Shirley Bassey

Also: this may be a bit superfluous, but Divaville was absolutely magical this week! (Aside from the confusion of playing June Christie, Julie London, and Anita O’Day back to back that is. My brain was really thrown for a loop because their voices sound so much alike to me. Whoops!)


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