November 6, 2012


Let’s talk for a second about lady cops. (Because the election is boring me senseless; and by that I mean giving me the migrane of the century.) Cagney and Lacey was a TV series that ran on CBS from 1981-1988. I have long been open about the fact that peen or vageen is a nonissue for me in terms of who I’d consider taking to bonetown; and young Sharon Gless gave my bathing suit area the biggest exclamation point it’d seen in a long-ass-motherloving-time.

Let’s take a look at exhibit A, shall we? Cagney can pull of all of the trite 80’s fashions and make them look really, really flawless. Like, maybe we shouldn’t be mocking them so much because she’s supposed to be a freaking OFFICER OF THE LAW and looks like a total babe 24/7.

I don’t think what drew me to Cagney was her perfect teeth or immaculate Farrah feather. I’ve never seen a character behave so real on TV before. Everything she does is so organically motivated, which makes her beauty that much more believable. I also could see a lot of myself in her– that being, she’s super brash and completely in your face in a suck-it-up-or-just-suck-it kind of way. She’s the type of person I could see punching a person in the face, blowing off her knuckles, like smoke from a gun, before nonchalantly stating: ‘Oops’; and then going about her business like nothing happened. I respect that.

The relationship she has with her partner greatly blurs the line of heterosexuality. (AND I’M NOT JUST SAYING THIS BECAUSE LESBIAN SEXUAL SUBTEXT IS GR9.)  Yes, they are absolutely my BFFOTP. No question about it. But can you deny that they are meant for each other after looking at images like these?


After Mary-Beth escapes a hostage situation, Christine is the first one to run to her aide. Say it with me: Awwwwww……. 


After Mary-Beth has a lumpectomy, she’s asking for Christine after the surgery (if I recall) and is bummed that she missed the sergeant’s exam.

OK. CAN WE TAKE A LOOK AT THIS FLAWLESS FRIENDSHIP. (Uh, clearly they love each other. In a long-term-domestic-partnership sorta way.)

The reason I’m filling my hubris quota with C&L today, is that I’ve just been offered a ticket on the “ZOMG, DID YOU HEAR MARISKA HARGITAY IS TOTALLY GAYBALLS?” express. I don’t know how I feel about this. Is she number two on the “ladies I’d go gay for and NEVER LOOK BACK” list? No doubt. Do I have a strange, yet slightly strong desire to maybe put my mouth on her mouth? Possibly.

Given the recent internet excursions this gossip tip has lead me on, and the fact that most of my “ladies I’d go gay for” list run in the same Manhattan-based-charities ‘social circle’, (still eyeing you, Jill Hennessy); supposedly they’ve all slept together at one point or another.   While I won’t lie and say this isn’t a thing of my fantasies, it’s still strange to read about people’s (alleged) sexual preferences on the internet, y’know?

With that said, this doesn’t negate the fact that these pictures of Marish and Maria Bello are adorable.




…this is also kind of an irrelevant post script, but in the episode of ER I was watching yesterday, Susan tells Abby that she “doesn’t have to be alone tonight if she doesn’t want to.”



That is all.


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  1. […] because a lot of people have been hopping on my hubris express lately because I wrote a post about the speculation surrounding Mariska Hargitay’s sexuality. Basically anyone who’s searched for “Maria Bello Gay” has ended up on my blog. […]

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