November 5, 2012

I can’t seem to focus lately. My body hurts, my brain hurts, I’ve finally moved into a new place, but I don’t feel like I live there quite yet. It’s odd. I’m making an attempt at NaNo this year (with the yet-to-be-titled-massive-crossover-fanfic.) So far it’s weird. Forcing myself to write feels weird. I don’t feel empty because of that, but I still feel sort of empty, y’know?

Perhaps it’s because I still can’t find a reason to get up in the morning aside from enjoying a cup of coffee outside of my house? Maybe it’s because my best friends are scattered throughout the world right now and only one of them lives in town and can’t hang out that often? Who knows.

I’ve been trying to get into a groove of some sort lately– a writing groove, a living groove, a “yay it’s finally John Coltrane weather” groove; and it just isn’t happening. Do you guys ever feel that way?



One Response to “unwindulax.”

  1. puckrox said

    That’s why I’ve come to not really enjoy NaNoWriMo. If I already have an idea in mind it can be fun, but when I don’t and I just come up with something last minute it feels like I’m forcing myself to write, and writing should never feel like a chore.

    I very much feel the same way as you right now, especially the “all my friends live in other places, and the ones in my town can barely hang out”. I’m sorry, MacMac. I promise we’ll get coffee and hang out when I’m up in Portland over Christmas break! I hope you’re able to settle into your new place and that your writing goes well. ❤

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