stupid good.

October 22, 2012

I don’t think this will be a long post. As IF I had anything interesting to write about! (My life is so boring…LOLERCOASTER.)

Lately I’ve been following prodigal young adult photogs, and I can’t stand them. Not because they’re snotty or anything, they’re all just so fucking good. I don’t understand really how someone can have a clear and tangible artistic statement at such a young age. When I say that, I mean that their artistic theses seem really well defined, and it makes me crazy jealous.  They know who they are, they’ve settled into their bones, and are able to keep expounding on their thematic preferences in an extremely mature way.


I have yet to move past, “This is pretty! I want to take a picture of it!”

Jacqueline Harriet‘s roll of “accidental film” is gorgeous, as is the rest of her work. She has this way about her exposures that allow the colors in her work to just punch you straight in the face. I have a picture of hers from Cafe Lalo on the UWS as my desktop.

Natalie Kucken has a really dreamy quality to her post processing that makes an already well composed image just super super wonderful. There’s something extremely effective in the milkiness of her work for some reason.

Sandy Honig turns every day banality into vignettes that invoke a much deeper response from the viewer. Even when she’s capturing seemingly mundane business, the end result is always fascinating.

Petra Collins has a neat vintage influenced style, and it’s definitely the most pastiche of the afore mentioned artists, but it totally works for her. There’s something about it that’s really entertainingly kitsch.

All of these girls have been published or recognized by a major magazine. (Sandy may not have been, but I think she has?)

I don’t get it.

Clearly they’re exhaustingly talented; but how does one have such a developed eye at such a young age?

…in other news, Hannah and I had a shoot today.


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