October 3, 2012

I had a much appreciated Simo-ment on my bike the other day– actually, one on bike, one in my mom’s car. First, I was flying down 12th listening to Lemon Jelly’s song Together. It was one of those moments you dream about your whole life, and then when it happens, it’s even better than you’d imagined it ever would be. The sun was out (GASP) and I was en route to meet a boy (DOUBLE GASP) and everything was just perfection. My hair was blowing behind my face, and the wind was very unobtrusive. The guitar made me feel so warm… It was really nice! I realized that I’d been wanting something like this to happen for years. It was easily one of the best moments of my life.I started tearing up, but it knocked me off balance quite a bit so I had to stop deal with the reverend cry-liner situation before causing an accident.

Mission accomplished.

(Fuck yeah.)

The other one, was when I was driving to meet one of my best friends for coffee. First of all, I don’t know if you know this, but No Doubt just put out the first single from their new album and it is fucking amazeballs. I’m a big believer in chord structure, and this one just makes me want to dance around like a fool. (Real talk. It’s happened.) No Doubt has a really consistent track record of songs you have to blast to enjoy to their full capacity. (It’s My Life? Hella Good? Waiting Room?) Their latest track is called Settle Down, which I think is funny, given that this time last year I was obsessed with a song by the same name by Kimbra. I found myself singing along with Gwen in the car, she says:


Now, I’m not one for trite sentiment, but that felt really good to sing at the top of my lungs.

Tonight, I was on the phone with my facebook spouse, and she was helping me come up with ideas for a new lifestyle blog. Not like “lifestyle” like, “this is how you deal with the clusterfuckia of your twenties: FUCK BITCHES, GET MONEY, MOVE OUT OF YOUR PARENTS’ HOUSE” kind of lifestyle. Like, this is me obsessively documenting my life in an interesting to other people kind of way. Basically, shit like this minus the solipsism. I WILL START TALKING IN ‘YOU’ STATEMENTS. The opposite of everything I’ve learned in therapy. Yay! I’ll post a link to it when the layout is finished– I’d love to get some feedback before I start tagging posts and getting the word out.  I don’t know what it’s going to be exactly, but I guess I just have to write things and find out? LA LA NO 1 CURRRR.

How is everyone?


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