July 11, 2012

I got my driver’s license Monday, went out and didn’t kill anyone earlier today, and it was– nice. Quite nice actually. I enjoyed going and picking up Fif, we got tasty brownies (her words) at QFC, then went to the Fresh Pot on Hawthorne. I’m really stoked because my Nikkormat FT2 was done at the shop the other day, so I had to take the bus out to St. John’s (blah) to get it.

This is the same model I have. IT LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING TANK.

I loaded up some Fuji Portra 400, and shot a few frames today. Hopefully they turn out– one was of my best friend Fif, and she was dressed really snazzy! Having recently fallen, she’s currently crutches-bound, so the frame is her, in her snazzariffic skirt, shirt plus the cripple-aides. I am v. excited to get this roll developed.

The point of this entry, is that lately I’ve been mucho excited about stuff. I am officially licensed to drive in the state of Oregon, (PRAYERS NEEDED FOR EVERYONE, OK THX) and my camera is brand-spankin’ new. (Yay!)

The entry is titled “crash” because I’m still terrified I’m going to kill somebody. C’est La Vie…

Today, I’ll leave you with some frames from a discarded roll of TMAX 400 that they had to take out of my camera then develop before they could fix it:

This is my roommate Ji. We were on our way to the Met on a snow day.

My windowsill at 10th Street on the afore mentioned snow day. *sighhh*

Lastly: what well meaning photo post would be complete without a picture of Hannah?

In all seriousness though: please pray that I don’t hit anything in the coming days. I’m going to drive to my dance class tomorrow evening, and likely kidnap Fif again so we can caffeinate together (as usual).

I hope everyone is having a lovely summer~!


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