July 26, 2012

Things that have happened since we last spoke:

Listens of Stan Getz’ cover of “Wives and Lovers”: 15

Rolls of Fuji Portra shot: 1

Chapters of epic Cagney and Lacey fic completed: 1

Cups of Coffee: 40

Episodes watched of the X-Files: 12

Times I’ve almost peed my pants driving: 3823894732894729342

Accidents had: 0. (THANK. GOD. ‘-.- )

The President was in town the other day, which caused about 3823894732894729341 of the afore mentioned driving related pants-peeing incidents.

My brother tried to convince me that the Illuminati was behind the recent shootings in Colorado. No. I’m sorry. The Illuminati is bullshit. #kanyeshrug.

What I’d really like to talk about is how watching the X-Files makes me really glad I majored in screenwriting. Articulating my feelings is a lot easier, and pin pointing what I like and dislike about it in an eloquent way is super handy. Maybe not worth 100k, but none the less useful. I’ve been enjoying it thus far, though admittedly I wasn’t a fan of the “monster of the week” format they had going, so I skipped most of season one and went straight in to season two. I liked that it was clear right off the bat who each character was, and that the exposition was very minimal; but we got enough back story to understand what makes Mulder and Scully tick.

Here’s the thing:

I cannot fucking STAND the idea of space aliens. I don’t care about them, they don’t interest me, and I’m apathetic about their supposed existence. That aspect of the show makes me groan. A LOT. I’m digging this whole “What’s up with Krycek why is he such an asshole” arc, I’m interested in Cancer Man, and I think it’s awesome that Mitch Pileggi lives in Portland. (More excited that I spelled his name right without having to spell check. AIR FIVE, ME!)

In any case, I’m sticking this show out because sexual tension in crime procedurals is like, the best thing ever. (Uh, Cagney & Lacey [debatable], SVU, and Crossing Jordan anyone?)(All of which I’ve seen almost every episode of…DERP.)

Here are a few shots from my roll of Portra.

I hope everyone’s having a lovely summer!

This is where I live. It rains a lot here, and Mitch Pileggi is maybe my neighbor.

I like taking pictures of coffee, because it’s tasty and wonderful.

My sister and my mom’s cousin at Saturday Market.

The sunset was quite pretty that day…

My mom had just gotten fresh alstroemerias.

Aileen took this super derpy picture of me. EL-OH-EL.

Off to nerd out and watch some more of TXF.





July 11, 2012

I got my driver’s license Monday, went out and didn’t kill anyone earlier today, and it was– nice. Quite nice actually. I enjoyed going and picking up Fif, we got tasty brownies (her words) at QFC, then went to the Fresh Pot on Hawthorne. I’m really stoked because my Nikkormat FT2 was done at the shop the other day, so I had to take the bus out to St. John’s (blah) to get it.

This is the same model I have. IT LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING TANK.

I loaded up some Fuji Portra 400, and shot a few frames today. Hopefully they turn out– one was of my best friend Fif, and she was dressed really snazzy! Having recently fallen, she’s currently crutches-bound, so the frame is her, in her snazzariffic skirt, shirt plus the cripple-aides. I am v. excited to get this roll developed.

The point of this entry, is that lately I’ve been mucho excited about stuff. I am officially licensed to drive in the state of Oregon, (PRAYERS NEEDED FOR EVERYONE, OK THX) and my camera is brand-spankin’ new. (Yay!)

The entry is titled “crash” because I’m still terrified I’m going to kill somebody. C’est La Vie…

Today, I’ll leave you with some frames from a discarded roll of TMAX 400 that they had to take out of my camera then develop before they could fix it:

This is my roommate Ji. We were on our way to the Met on a snow day.

My windowsill at 10th Street on the afore mentioned snow day. *sighhh*

Lastly: what well meaning photo post would be complete without a picture of Hannah?

In all seriousness though: please pray that I don’t hit anything in the coming days. I’m going to drive to my dance class tomorrow evening, and likely kidnap Fif again so we can caffeinate together (as usual).

I hope everyone is having a lovely summer~!

greatest hits

July 4, 2012

As evidenced in an entry I wrote in October, I have in my possession a really cherry Polaroid Automatic 100. It has become my baby as of late, and I’ve been having a blast toting it around and actually shooting pictures. (As opposed to blowing a shitload of money on film that doesn’t even develop.)(DERPITUDE.) In any case, I have 11 or so exposures left until I’m out of film. I’m sure everyone’s sick of hearing about how awesome I think this camera is, but I refuse to shut up about it. Here are some of my favorites thus far:

This is my dog, Dutch.








Triple exposure outside of my mom’s house.








Double exposure of my sister, and our entry.








Quadruple exposure of Last Thursday.








A girl I saw at Last Thursday. I thought she was really pretty ♥








Double exposure of my brother.








His girlfriend is obsessed with film photography so I was showing her how to use the camera.








My hipster-ass bookshelf. (And a lamp next to it.)








Quintuple(I think?) exposure of the house where I nanny.








Julia, who looks tres adorbs with her short locks!










My perfect Monday… Clouds and tea. Mmmmmm…







My brother’s girlfriend took this. Dorkette alert!

Basically, the moral of this story is that film is essentially the greatest thing ever, and I love the amount of creative unpredictability that comes along with it. Polaroids are darn fun. I can’t wait to get my Nikkormat Ft2 back from the shop. That’s going to be a blast as well!