susan batshit

April 9, 2012

I learned a phrase last spring in the midst of thesis induced turmoil. A douchey monsignor who was directing my script, (well, he wasn’t douchey– he understood what was going on at least) sat me down after we ran the scene and said, “Y’know, I normally charge close to $200 an hour for what I’m telling you for free.” Then he said something that I haven’t thought about for awhile:

My artist has earning power. 

“I have that painted over my closet.” He told me.

I hadn’t fully appreciated the truth to his statement until I realized I was making money selling art. A lot of money. Maybe not living wage money, but enough to cushion a living wage and get me a cup of expensive coffee every day. (!!!)

You know what’s cool though? My artist does have earning power. WACKY.

Here are some things I’ve been up to lately, courtesy of my sister’s Pentax:

Afternoon at Pearl Bakery


Marbling Aleena’s birthday present.

Making Aleena’s birthday present.

Out with Fif.

Lee’s house.


Downtown, adventuring.

Same day….



On the 14.

Out with Kalissa.

Pearl Bakery ~*~*~

Walk with Elena

Walk with Elena.

In case you were wondering……….

I hope everyone is having a lovely spring ♥