prompt (3)

February 8, 2012

This is kind of a forced one. I’ll probably privatize it to spare you all the agony.
Poetry Exercise – Write a poem that uses the style of a devotion and prayer.

I have not forgotten you.
I have not gotten comfortable in the past tense.
You can still am things.

HERE is where we are.
Today I give thanks.
For your long wavy hair,

Actually, HERE is where I am.

Hail to you,
and your love for all things.
Hail to you,
and your constant need for reaffirmation.
Hail to you,
and the arrow of your fingertips,
pointing me in the right direction.

This is what I am thinking.
We’ll go to bed,
(like usual)
you’ll say I LOVE YOU MAC.
(like usual)
I’ll pray to dream of you
(like usual)
and end up again HERE
in the morning.

Today I give thanks,
for that one time
we stood atop the bus
(we we we,
as in, she with the red hair
and you held my hand
with your soft skin.

Today I give thanks
that in the hospital
I saw your lips fly up
like birds.

Today I give thanks
for being able to reach out
to your husband’s
deep blue eyes.

(Our hair would have been similar, I think.)

Today I give thanks
because though I cannot see you,
I’m always certain you’re HERE.


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