Prompt (2)

February 7, 2012

Prose Prompt – Write a story with “Domestic Breakfast Scene” as your title.

Tip, tip, tips. She waved hers at the toaster awaiting the arrival of an english muffin which she would eventually slather in jam. “And, abracadabra!” Nothing. “And, come on muffin!” Still nothing. “FOR JESUS CHRISSAKE–” ~pop~ “thank goodness.” The toaster made her jump regardless of having heard it a million times. She took a spreading knife and dipped it in a jar of strawberry jam. “What to do….” She swiveled a spoon, mixing the cream in her coffee to a nice light brown. New Year’s resolutions had always been befuddling, but she’d made one this year to get up early. GET. UP. EARLY. As in, after the sunrise, before the college students. January second. So far, so good. (The first was a clear sabbatical, because, having been hungover, she needed some beauty sleep.)

Ahhh…. but what to do today? She sat at her table, and folded her hands together. The paper. That’s what normal people do when they get up, right? Read the paper? She decided to do that. Thumbing through the first few pages of death and destruction, made a brief pass at the crossword, read her horoscope, and it was only 8am. Ugh. The jam was good, the coffee was good, she poured herself another cup, spent time making sure everything was just right; and sat back down, hands folded.

Now what? Second breakfast? Her stomach was still a bit rumbly after all, so she put another English muffin in the toaster; vowing to  use a bit less jam.

Yoga. That’s what people do in the morning, yoga. She held tree pose for exactly ten seconds before toppling over. A new record!

She was beginning to think new year’s resolutions were overrated. What about this particular thing could be for her self betterment? She thought about all the sweet dreams she could be having~ maybe about that guy who came inro her work all the time just to make conversation. She’d fantasized about killing his girlfriend. Or perhaps she’d be in the park with a good book. Naturally the sun would be out. Whyyyy do people even get up early when the weather is this bad.


Maybe I’ll shower…. She thought, globbing on more jam than she’d originally anticipated. Yes. Showering. That sounds good. A dribble landed on her hand. Probably a good idea anyway…



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