January 31, 2012

Deviantart posted this. I’m not very active there, so I thought I’d answer here instead.

Does the act of posing subjects for photographic composition, to your mind, in any way compromise or lessen the value of the photo as “art”?

Both posed, though the second is more “here’s an idea let’s run with it.”

Do you prefer posed or “candid” photographs of your pop heroes?  Are paparazzi ever “artists” or is their “art” too assaultive to merit such consideration?

It’s all in what gets released.

Do you think photography best captures the representational “essence” of a person photographed, or is a person’s essence best represented by a sketch artist or great painter?  (Or even a poet?)


The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle tells us that by observing a subject, we change it in that moment, therefore “negating” or “falsifying” any representation we seek to “capture” or “know”.  Is art, to your mind, about achieving the closest possible representation of the “truth” about a subject – or is it more about the artist’s desire to capture just for a moment the eternally unknowable?

Pictures of the same girl, at the same moment, by two different photographers.

It’s unfair to label it “truth” without the stipulation that it’s the individual truth of the artist. I don’t think it negates everything– speaking in such absolute terminology is unfair. It negates some things, obviously your interpretation of the event is going to be different than the event– then again, an event occurring is only what it’s made of by it’s observers; so answering this question is nearly impossible. (For me, at least.)


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