January 16, 2012

I’m about to indulge myself. (This is a blog, after all, and what fun would a blog be without verbal masturbation?) (As opposed to real masturbation~?)(Uh, anyway.) After reading Felicity Huffman’s hilarious #shitbillsays tweets for the evening, I found her “25 Things About Me” interview she did for Us Weekly. I then proceeded to read through a host of notable celebs “25 Things About Me” interviews. (Favorites included: Tony Bennet being so in awe of Charlie Parker that he had to throw up in the alley outside the jazz club, and that Liza Minnelli’s favorite show is Nurse Jackie.)(!!!) For the record, I, in no way feel that I *should* be doing this for any reason. Actually, that’s not really true, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it in the first place. Basically, like the rest of this blog, it’s totally irrelevant to anything aside from my own amusement. WHATEVER. BALLS TO THE WALL 2K12. In any case, here are:


  1. Gilda Radner and Madeline Kahn are my favorite humans.
  2. I’m obsessed with journalling. I have 23 (I think?) I enjoy using colored pens, and I like taping pictures in them.
  3. I’m a huge jazz nerd. Ella Fitzgerald is my favorite singer, (with Carmen McRae and Nina Simone in a close tie for second, Blossom Dearie third) and Canonball Adderely is my favorite instrumentalist (Dave Brubeck & Miles Davis tied for second, Charlie Parker third).
  4. The Manhattan Transfer and De-Phazz are my favorite bands.
  5. I am a coffee S N O B. (Drinking some now, it’s 12:00am, derp!) I like light roasts with a little bit of half&half best.
  6. I also love getting out of the house to go sit in a coffee shop. It takes me forever to drink, so I can sit for awhile and either read or write in my journal.
  7. If you are a woman, in your 40’s, artsy, wear glasses, and have your shit together, I likely have a crush on you.
  8. I wish I were a better visual artist, and could understand spacial relationships more accurately.
  9. Joni Mitchell is my favorite female singer, and Paul Simon is my favorite male singer.
  10. I enjoy home decor shops with festive lighting.
  11. I love to tap. My teacher is totally badass.
  12. My favorite type of weather is overcast, 60, and a light breeze. (PNW, represent!)
  13. I have seen every episode of the Golden Girls.
  14. I tend to overuse parenthesis, exclamation points, ellipsis, AND CAPS LOCK.
  15. I’m way too obsessed with tumblr. I need to get a life.
  16. If I were rich, I’d take dance classes every day, and have an apartment with a lot of shelving.
  17. My brain is super disorganized. I spend an unhealthy amount of time trying to have concise thoughts that make sense.
  18. My favorite kinds of movies are quiet indie films that pack a punch without broadcasting their over-sentimentality.
  19. I cried like a baby when Mark Greene died on E.R. and I still do when I watch the episode.
  20. I always have a song stuck in my head. Currently it’s Martha Argerich playing the third movement of Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G. (Because– clarinet, like woah!)
  21. My favorite numbers are 66, and 12.
  22. I have always dreamt of doing avante garde fashion photography. Richard Avedon and Irving Penn make me drool.
  23. I hate. Waterbugs. With a fiery passion. (So much so in fact that I’m afraid they will come up on the side panel of this entry because they’re mentioned. *shiver*)
  24. I consider my circle of friends to be more of a family than my actual family.
  25. I always think of the perfect fact to add after I’m done. Oops!

Perhaps next time I’ll write an entry about something a little less boring. Then again, this one didn’t toddle off into la la land, which is a nice change…. Here’s Martha playing Ravel:


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