July 5, 2011

Let me start out with a little backstory about the Windsurfing capital of the United States. (And before that, a story about how I just spent 100k on a BFA and still had to check if I was using the proper “capital.”)(Which I most certainly was not.) (EMBARRASSING.)

Hood River, Oregon is by no means the most exciting place on Earth. Not a lot happens there, unless you’re into windsurfing;  skiing 12 months out of the year; or a big fan of “The Shining.” (Timberline. Look it up.) That said; nothing was exactly what my dad was looking for when he bought the Cabin. It’s literally in the middle of west-jesus-woodsy-fuck-nowhere; and about twenty miles from a brewery. (As most places in Oregon are.)

Those of you who have beach houses, or have friends who have beach houses, or cabins in the woods, or vacation homes et al are likely familiar with the idea of “Cabin Music.” The 15 or 20 CD’s you keep there for no reason whatsofreakingever other than to annoy your children on holiday weekends. You know what I’m talking about.

Given that yesterday was the 4th of July, and we haven’t been at the cabin lighting shit on fire for awhile, I thought I’d make a compilation of Cabin Music. No matter where I am, I swear to you, if I hear Tower of Power’s “What is Hip,” I’ll recite my dad’s insufferable response: “Did you know these guys played at my high school?”

This is always interesting when I’m around other people. They look at me with the same face: either it’s clear I’m a time lord who’s inevitably stuck in a dimensional hiatus, or… “WHO THE FUCK IS TOWER OF POWER?”



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